A refund with each purchase?
Yes of course ! With the Certo card! One Mastercard®

Lica MyDesign

  • Free credit card, no annual fee
  • CHF 50.– initial credit offered! 1
  • 1% refunded on purchases made at 3 merchants
  • And 0.33% everywhere else
  • Usable worldwide
  • Mobile and contactless payment
  • Free app
Credit card

How to get your credit card?

Make your request

Complete the online form and send it signed to Cembra

Application Review

Your request will be examined and validated by Cembra

Receive your credit card

If your request is accepted, you will receive your credit card

Certo! One Mastercard in Lica MyDesign: the free credit card with up to 1% of cashback with each payment and 50 francs of initial credit1 offered.
Credit card
Credit card

We are at your disposal 7 days a week to answer your questions!

What our clients
say about us:

The issuer is Cembra Money Bank AG Zurich.
1) The initial credit will be issued once the application has been approved and after the first payment with the Certo! One Mastercard until 31.12.2023. The card application must be submitted to Cembra Money Bank NV no later than 1.12.2023.


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Dave Martins
Dave Martins
15:51 03 Tue 23
Mrs. Garcia, with whom I had contact from start to finish, was great, attentive and very professional, it should be noted because in this area it is very rare. I got my fat credit fast from them. I can only recommend
Rachel Pittet
Rachel Pittet
12:33 02 Tue 23
Very satisfied, a good solution has been found. Thank you very much for your work
Rui P.Santos
Rui P.Santos
14:08 31 Jan 23
Excellent service, very good customer support all along the way. A real pleasure to have found them. Mara did everything to help me find a solution. Thank you
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