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Credit refused


Credit refused? CleanData can help you!

Loan refused? The CleanData pack can help you!

Credit refused


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The CleanData service does not guarantee that future fundings will be obtained from third-party financial institutions. It can also not guarantee a systematic delisting in a data register when this is justified or when the obligee is authorized by law not to correct the information held in the register in question on the debtor who requests it.


Our best articles on the situation about a denied private loan!


The main reasons for a refused loan

Your file is complete and yet the bank refuses to grant you a loan? This situation is usually a source of great frustration. To amplify your annoyance, the financial organizations will not give you the reasons for this refusal. However, many reasons can lead to a loan being refused. Find out which ones in this new article. […]


How to erase a code from ZEK database?

The ZEK (credit information center) is the Swiss information center for credit information. It is linked to the credit activities of natural and legal persons. This maintains a register in which certain establishments such as banks or credit and leasing organizations enter codes relating to payment habits […]


The consequences of a refused credit?

A credit application sometimes presents itself as a miracle solution to a difficult life context. That said, financial organizations such as banks have every right to refuse the request. A refused credit is motivated by several reasons, nevertheless the consequences are penalizing in a country where credit reigns in […]

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