Supplementary unemployment insurance

Your income is protected in the event of unemployment, illness or accident
You are free to choose the amount you want to insure
No matter what, you can pay all your bills!
No health exam to take advantage of this solution
Up to 12 months protection
Supplementary unemployment insurance


Your additional protection in the event of unemployment

Your supplementary unemployment insurance

Supplementary unemployment insurance


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A single person who would earn CHF 5,000.-/month would end up with CHF 3,500.-/month of unemployment benefits. The gap would therefore be CHF 1,500.- each month less than the salary. For additional information, we also invite you to visit the confederation's website at unemployment insurance.


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Supplementary unemployment insurance

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Insurance of monthly credit payments

When you get a loan, it is important to be able to repay your credit despite all the vagaries of life. The borrower may be subject to unemployment, work stoppage following an accident or illness. With payment insurance, whatever happens, you are financially protected! […]


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