Supplementary unemployment insurance

supplementary unemployment insurance

Unemployment is a situation that can happen to anyone at one time or another in their working life. Indeed, no one controls the circumstances in which he may lose his job or be unable to earn bread to feed their family. It is therefore in order to guard against job loss that our supplementary unemployment insurance was set up. It allows you to keep your financial situation afloat no matter what! We explain everything in this new article!

Risks covered by supplementary unemployment insurance

When you find yourself facing unemployment, your income drops by 20 to 30%. This puts you in difficulty with your family obligations. In particular to pay the costs related to the daily operation of your household. These difficulties can become all the more serious if you have dependent children. Or also when your spouse is unemployed!

supplementary unemployment insurance

It is therefore essential to ensure that whatever happens in your work, you will continue to receive enough money to support your family. This is where supplementary unemployment insurance can make all the difference in your situation. Indeed, it covers the risk of loss of salary and this, up to what you could miss in the event of proven unemployment.

✌ What protection with supplementary unemployment insurance?

With the supplementary unemployment insurance, you benefit from extensive coverage in different situations. Here are the services provided with our solution:

  • Compensation for your benefits in the event of unemployment
  • Continuation of salary in the event of illness
  • Salary supplement in the event of an accident

No matter the situation, you ensure the 100% of your salary no matter what! For a premium starting at CHF 32.50 per month, you get peace of mind with the security to face all situations.

How the supplementary unemployment insurance works

You should know that the Swiss unemployment insurance system will only pay you 70% of your salary in the event of unemployment. And 80% if you have dependent children. It will then be based on the average of your salary for the last 6 months. The supplementary unemployment insurance will therefore cover the loss of earnings resulting from this drop in your income.

It goes without saying that the coverage thus provided will depend on the amount you wish to provide under unemployment insurance, but the compensation can go up to 1,200.- per month. This insurance is all the more interesting becauseit is very easy to subscribe directly online. The duration of commitment is also intended to be free. This will therefore give you the right to terminate your contract at any time. However, you must be able to prove continuous employment during the last 12 months preceding your subscription request. A minimum of weekly working hours is also required, i.e. 30 hours per week.

How to take advantage of this solution?

Nothing's easier ! With Lica, you can apply online in less than 2 minutes. This gives you a non-binding offer. Make your request without further delay at the following link:

Do you have any questions before applying? Our advisors are there to answer your questions 7 days a week directly on WhatsApp. Ask us for more information and we will be happy to answer you!

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