Cashback = Commission sharing!

Commission sharing

A loan request Most of the time, it is meant to be a difficult process to do on your own. Especially when you see the diversity of banking institutions and the variety of fees they charge. Especially since these are not always displayed at the same amount from one bank to another.

The best is then to call on a broker specializing in credits. Although again, many individuals fear that the offers he offers are not those that really meet their needs, but rather the financial interest of the broker.

It is indeed not uncommon for credit brokers to favor offers that bring them the most commissions. To put an end to this problem once and for all, Lica has decided to share its commissions. This in complete transparency using a revolutionary process.

Commission sharing, what is it?

Commission sharing is for a credit brokerage company to offer its clients a portion of its commission. Those it obtains thanks to the contracts concluded between the credit institution or the insurer and the customers in question.

The Commission is intended to be the compensation of the brokerage firm for its intervention and intervention. It is paid to him most often by the partner credit institution without changing the price for the end customer.

By sharing a fraction of his commission in this way, the credit broker shows his good faith to his clients. This by proving to them in a way that the contract offered to them meets their expectations. But also to their interests in terms of cost and that it is by no means a simple matter of commission.

In this way, customers can also count on a reimbursement of part of the costs of their loan subscription.

Commission sharing, what are the advantages?

First and foremost, commission sharing allows specialist credit brokers to make the use of their services more attractive. But also more transparent and more advantageous. It is also an opportunity for customers to save money in their loan process.

Indeed, the commission sharing granted by brokers can go up to half of their remuneration. This constitutes a significant sum which can only affect the final cost of credit or insurance. In addition, we must not forget that using a broker also means finding the cheapest and most suitable financing or insurance for each client.

A credit professional also increases the chances of borrowers finding an institution that accepts their files on favorable terms!

The sharing of commission also becomes an additional argument for calling on the services of this specialist. This insofar as it is likely to generate an additional gain for the benefit of the borrower. This money will be added to the final amount of the sum he gets as a loan. The part of the commission will be paid to him at the end of the procedure, that is to say just after the borrowed amount is available in his bank account.

In conclusion…

With Lica you benefit from a non-binding offer at very advantageous conditions and in addition to a cashback of up to CHF 5,000.-. As a result, you are guaranteed neutral advice and the best conditions in Switzerland. Apply discreetly for new financing or to buy back existing financing. So you will save money and benefit from great conditions!

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Flaco Verde
Flaco Verde
17:15 19 Jan 23
Many thanks to Mara for her help and efficiency.
Xavier Valdes
Xavier Valdes
08:38 28 Nov 22
I would like to thank Mara Garcia for her speed and skills. Thanks to her, I was able to get what I wanted as soon as possible. RegardsXV
Oberlin Michael
Oberlin Michael
16:58 01 Nov 22
She really was me, she's the only one who believed in me, I find her just incredible
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