What are the advantages of a loan with Lica?

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Why is a personal loan a good choice for raising funds and meeting your financial needs?

Your financial needs, whether you are employed or self-employed, may arise without prior warning. You might have enough funds saved, but there are times when you need extra funds. In such a scenario, taking out a personal loan can prove to be a very good choice. There are advantages to opting for a loan with Lica. Especially if you have a good credit rating.

With Lica it is simple, advantageous and quick to make your request.

What is personal funding?

It is an unsecured loan, which means that you do not need to provide collateral to borrow. Financial institutions may offer this loan at a lower interest rate if you have a good credit rating.

Some advantages of taking out a loan with Lica

Low interest rate

The interest rates are lower than those of credit cards. This is especially true for larger amounts!

Variety of use

The funds you receive through this loan can be used for various purposes. Whether it's financing an international trip, buying a gadget, or paying off your friend, you can opt for a personal loan to meet any of these needs.

Consolidated debt

One of the best ways to use a personal loan is to consolidate all existing debts. It is wiser to pay off small debts with high interest. Such as student loans or credit cards by opting for a lower interest rate loan.

Improve Your Credit Rating

This is especially true if you have similar existing credit types. A personal loan can be useful to improve your score. This by adding variety to the types of accounts you hold.

Create an emergency fund

You could find yourself living paycheck to paycheck, with no money to spare. In such a scenario, rather than waiting for an emergency to occur, it is wiser to get a loan to create an emergency fund. It could be medical bills or a sudden trip you need to take, having a rainy day fund is always a good idea.

Your credit with Lica in summary ...

Imagine you are suddenly hit with a big bill. Maybe a family member was just rushed to the hospital or you needed to make emergency repairs to your home. A personal loan can be a convenient way to get a large sum of money in a short time.

Some people might consider this to be the only place to turn if they don't have enough available capacity with their credit card or mortgage clearing account. Another advantage of personal loans is that the average interest rate is often about five percentage points lower than the average credit card interest rate.

Only good reasons to take advantage of a loan with Lica

This is why some people use personal loans to escape the trap of credit card debt. The idea is that you take out a lower rate personal loan to immediately pay off all your higher rate credit card debt.

Thanks to a credit with Lica you benefit from a non-binding offer on very advantageous conditions and in addition to a cashback up to CHF 5,000.-. Apply discreetly for new financing or to buy back existing financing. So you will save money and benefit from great conditions! You can request your request at the following link: Lica.ch

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