Having debts in Switzerland ...

debts in Switzerland

More than 561,000 Swiss are unable to pay their debts. Switzerland has around 561,000 over-indebtedness, or 6.5% of the population, according to a study by the CRIF institute. French-speaking Switzerland is particularly affected by this phenomenon, which can have serious consequences.

Since 2016, the number of people in over-indebtedness has increased by 22%. The reason ? Simple: Many adults would rather have everything now than worry about what will happen tomorrow or the day after.

Western Switzerland most affected

The situation is “particularly alarming” in French-speaking Switzerland. The canton of Neuchâtel has the highest rate of debtors, with 10.9%, followed by Geneva, with 10.4%. The rate of debtors was determined by the number of people who are the subject of proceedings (debt collection, bankruptcy, act of default of property) as of July 31, 2019.

Few people go into debt, but the problem always starts with expenses for which you don't have the money. It may be for frivolous reasons, or you may have had a horrible change in circumstances, such as a dying partner, divorce, health issues, or losing your job. Whatever the good or the bad reason, from now on, it doesn't matter anymore. The most important thing you can do is get a tight grip on your spending and your budget. Debts in Switzerland are a symptom, not the problem. Before you tackle it, you need to reduce your expenses, not only to prevent you from borrowing more, but to maximize repayments.

The main objective is therefore to reduce the cost of your debts in Switzerland, but if you do this without examining the table in all of your expenses there is little chance of success.

How to find balance in your budget and no longer have debts in Switzerland?

The first thing we offer you at Lica is an analysis of your expenses. Did you know that 80% households in Switzerland can save up to 10,000.- per year with very simple and non-binding tips. In addition, you can consult the training of one of our partners and provided for this purpose: Training area, how to save money?

Once we have established a precise budget for your expenses, we take care of presenting all the possible optimizations with the related procedures. Then, we can help you tidy up the financial information that concerns you in the various registers in Switzerland. Our "CleanData" pack is therefore ideal for cleaning your data!

Consolidation of debts in Switzerland

Now that the situation is clear, we can begin to consolidate your funding that are in progress such as loans, leases and your possible credit cards. Once all of this financing has been regrouped, we will negotiate the current interest rates and offer you a new monthly payment which will allow you to find a balance in your budget!

At Lica, we advocate responsible credit with an extensive budget study and significant safety margins. Thus our customers benefit from an advantageous solution with the best market conditions thanks to our cashback system!

Do you want to find a balance in your budget?

Without further ado, make a non-binding request and let's take a look at how we can help you with our specialized solutions.

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