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Summer is a time when the vast majority of people enjoy taking a well-deserved vacation! However, it is also a quieter time to focus and move forward with personal projects. Thus, we receive many online credit applications in connection with very different and exciting projects. Indeed, each year Lica finances several hundred projects for its customers and we have decided to share with you our three favorites of the summer.

An online credit solution to carry out your projects

Simple, fast and effective ! Here are the three adjectives that best define our online credit solution. Indeed, you complete in less than 2 minutes our simplified form to apply for your credit online. Then, our advisers take care of all the formalities for you. Our process is efficient and personalized because we put the necessary resources to fully understand your project and your needs before approaching the various lending financial institutions.

The Lica solution for applying for credit online is therefore an excellent option for realizing your dreams and your projects. Indeed, when an opportunity arises, it is often important to act quickly and therefore to have sufficient funds in good time.

The projects to be financed that we receive are varied and always interesting to defend. So don't be surprised if your interlocutor at Lica asks you for a multitude of information and tries to fully understand your project. An online credit application well-prepared will have a better chance of obtaining financing on favorable terms.

Our 3 favorite projects for summer 2022:

1. A hydroponic setup

Are you familiar with hydroponic growing systems? At Lica, a large part of our employees had never heard of this revolutionary solution. With it, it is possible to grow your own fruits and vegetables independently. This is how we discovered the company Blumeo which offers individual and collective solutions for growing your own fruits and vegetables. With the help of advanced technology, there is no longer any need to fully master the workings of agriculture. It is in fact, your smart growing unit will take care of almost everything for you.

Online credit

As part of a collective school project, we were asked to obtain funding of CHF 50,000.-. With this sum, it was possible to equip a complete installation within the school. Thus, students, teachers and parents have enough fruits and vegetables to be independent.

We found this project so incredible that Lica decided to equip its premises very soon with intelligent units from Blumeo!

2. A kit bunker

The current situation rekindles some fears of a potential 3th world War. It is in this context that we were asked to finance a fallout-shelter. You read correctly ! This is a Bunker solution CBRN in a kit that allows its occupants to live underground in complete autonomy. This for several months!

During this online credit application, our teams did not immediately understand how this solution worked. It was then that we made inquiries and discovered the company Bunker ( The latter offers a solution accessible from CHF 78,000.-.

Hoping that such a scenario does not occur, you can nevertheless count on this solution to protect your loved ones from a possible disaster!

Online credit

The online credit solution was the best option. It made it possible to offer rapid financing and on advantageous terms. This is how this family residing in the canton of Vaud was able to finance their individual bunker in less than 15 days. We also had the honor of visiting this installation, which is very impressive despite being temporarily converted into a wine cellar.

3. Holiday accommodation in southern Portugal

A waterfront apartment in the Algarve! Here is the third and last crush that we financed this summer using our online credit solution. Although it is not an atypical project like the two previous ones, we nevertheless retain this financing for its profitability. In effect, buying an apartment abroad and more particularly in Portugal using an online credit is a very profitable financial investment!

Today, the price of an average apartment in Portugal is between 70,000.- and 150,000.- Euros. With an online credit, it is therefore quite possible to finance your real estate purchase in one go. You thus simplify all the administrative procedures with a bank in a foreign country. The funds are paid directly into your private account and you can then jump on the right opportunity in record time.

With an adequate repayment period and an impressive ease of rental, you are totally profitable from the first years. For more information on this investment solution, you can consult the article " Make a real estate purchase abroad with a private loan“.

Your credit online with Lica

Whatever your project, Lica is the ideal partner to finance it. Our three areas of expertise which are private credit, mortgage loan and business credit, allow us to find the most appropriate solution to finance your project.

As an independent intermediary, Lica works for its clients in complete neutrality. Our advisors therefore take the time to listen to you and provide you with the desired solution from among the multitude of existing solutions on the market. With an online credit application at Lica, you therefore have the certainty of being supported throughout the duration of the financing of your project.

Now that you know that lica is by your side, take the time to contact our specialists by completing a no-obligation online credit application. They will accompany you in a neutral and confidential way in your approach.

Do you have any questions before applying? Our advisors are there to answer your questions 7 days a week directly on WhatsApp. Ask us for more information and we will be happy to answer you!

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Ferreira Alberto
Ferreira Alberto
08:16 09 Sep 22
Many thanks to Lica and especially to François Guss. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. Thanks for your help and support. You are truly an asset to your team and to the entire organization. Your work ethic and your involvement are admirable, we are lucky to have someone as dedicated as you on board!
Cecilia de Jong
Cecilia de Jong
08:57 15 Jul 22
The person of my answer is very professional, efficient, reliable, diligent, updates my requests at all times, I am very grateful to Omar Gourgel, who always takes good care of my file, Bravo it is magnificent and excellent! Cheer! The employer should be proud of him, applaud and promote him please 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Thelight33 World
Thelight33 World
15:14 13 Jul 22
I was very satisfied with the services of Mr. Omar Gourgel, I highly recommend him! 👍
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