Private lending for AVS and AI annuitants

credit for annuitants

Are you an AVS or AVI annuitant?

AVS and AI are the two providers of the first pillar. Old age and survivors 'insurance (AVS) pays pensions to retirees and widows, widows and orphans' pensions to survivors. While Disability Insurance (AI), it pays benefits (annuities) to people who are disabled. We will therefore see how these three types of beneficiaries can take advantage of funding when they really need it.

What are the conditions for obtaining private credit?

Even if it is possible to do a personal loan application when you are an AVS / AI annuitant, not all banks will necessarily accept your request. In order for your file to be processed at a bank, you will need to meet the following conditions:

  • Vos prestations de l’AVS ou de l’AI, les rentes du deuxième pilier et une éventuelle autre source de revenu s’élèvent au total à au moins CHF 2’500.- par mois
  • You are under 70 years of age when the contract is concluded
  • You have no pending lawsuits (acts of default included)

What repayment periods are possible with a loan for annuitants?

The age policy with banks is set between 62 and 64 years to achieve a loan. However, in some cases it is possible to take out credit for annuitants up to 70 years old. So AVS / AI annuitants benefit from the maximum duration of the contract, generally a maximum of 48 months.

Interest rates for annuitants

For people in receipt of an annuity, the interest rates for personal loans generally vary between 3.95% and 7.9%. The rate will mainly depend on the individual situation of each applicant. Lica always offers you the best rates available for your private loan based on the results our advisors obtain after negotiation.

Credit for annuitants what documents must be provided?

For the correct processing of your file, you must provide:

  • Copy of your identity card
  • Copy of the AI / AVS / Pension fund decision
  • Copies of your last 3 account statements on which you receive your pension (s)
  • Copies of your last 3 additional income payslips (if applicable)
  • Lease or mortgage contract
  • If you are married or living as a couple:
  • Copy of Swiss identity card or residence permit of your partner.
  • Copy of your last 3 payslips and the last 3 certificates of additional income from your partner (if applicable).

Why choose LICA

Les conseillers de chez Lica traitent votre dossier de manière transparente et très efficace. Nous étudions votre situation actuelle, nous pensons à votre budget, et puis nous vous proposons des financements parfaitement adaptés à votre situation. Lica négocie également votre taux d’intérêt afin que vous obteniez l’offre la plus avantageuse du marché.

In addition, at Lica you benefit from an additional cashback to your financing and thus receive more money than with our competitors!

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