The crowdfunding business loan to finance your project!

crowdfunding business loan

Whatever your professional project – a business creation or business development project, finding the necessary financing is an important, even crucial, step. Without a sufficient source of bank financing, financing the creation or development of a business is not an easy task. To finance your project or finance your business, there are different borrowing solutions from banks or private lenders. The easiest way to finance your professional project would be to use your own funds. However, most entrepreneurs favor the use of financing solutions to carry out their project. In this new article, we detail the crowdfunding business loan solution and how to Lica can help you find the most appropriate solution for your project. Good reading !

What is a crowdfunding business loan?

Also called crowdfunding, crowdfunding is an alternative financing method with which companies in need of financing can apply for credit from a community of investors. These can be individuals or companies wishing to invest in a local business. This type of financing makes it possible to obtain the necessary financing for your project quickly.

Thanks to this placement, the lenders receive interest in return, more or less attractive depending on the degree of risk, but also on the duration of the project to be financed. For your professional project, a crowdfunding business loan is a flexible and very profitable solution to quickly finance your project compared to a traditional loan application.

crowdfunding business loan

Crowdfunding: why opt for this type of business loan?

If you need SME credit to finance your business project, crowdfunding is a more than advantageous financing solution. Indeed, the request is made entirely online, the analysis and the granting of credit are therefore done very quickly. By opting for a business loan such as crowdfunding, you are choosing a much less bureaucratic solution compared to a traditional credit application. The crowdfunding business loan is also a particularly transparent process with no hidden fees.

So if you need credit for finance a new project development for your company, to refinance existing loans or to optimize the liquidity of your company, crowdfunding is the business loan you need to boost the development of your SME. This means of financing also allows you to avoid fees in the event of early repayment.

What can I finance with a crowdfunding business loan?

The crowdfunding business loan can be used to finance projects such as:

  • The purchase of goods
  • Financing of machines and work tools
  • The increase in cash on the current account
  • A property purchase on behalf of the company
  • The purchase of one or more vehicles
  • Etc.

The financing possibilities are therefore almost unlimited and a crowdfunding loan can certainly meet your development needs.

Lica: your preferred partner for taking out a crowdfunding business loan 100 % online

An SME loan of up to CHF 5,000,000.-

Whatever the size of your professional project and your financing needs, you can have a business loan with a financing amount of up to CFH 5,000,000.-.

Whether it is for assistance in setting up a business, the development of a new department or to finance development research, you can request your SME credit and obtain your financing with a repayment period of up to 120 months.

crowdfunding business loan

Quick and fully online financing application

At Lica, obtaining a professional loan to finance your business project happens entirely online. No need to go to our premises as with a bank loan application, everything happens directly online. It only takes you 2 minutes to complete your application.

A response in just 24 hours

We know you are eager to start your project. This is why we make the effort to analyze your request as quickly as possible in order to be able to give you an answer within a maximum of 24 hours.

Highest acceptance rate in Switzerland

With a traditional banker, your business loan application may be refused for any reason. At Lica, we offer you a solution perfectly adapted to your needs. In Switzerland, we offer the highest acceptance rate. In other words, with Lica you maximize your chances of getting your business loan. As soon as your request is accepted, you have free access to the funds within a few days only.

Application fees of CHF 0.-

We are also aware that you are concerned about the organization of your project. You thus invest your time and your money to ensure the success of the latter. Thus, when you apply for a crowfunding business loan at Lica, we do not ask for any administration fees. We also offer the best conditions on the market with small monthly payments.

Conclusion on your crowdfunding business loan

This is certainly the best solution for financing your entrepreneurial project quickly, simply and at an ultra-competitive price. Lica offers you a whole range of financing solutions For Your Business. We give you the time you need to find the most suitable solution for you.

Obtaining an SME loan requires careful preparation of your application. Proper interpretation of documents is vital to obtaining the lowest possible interest rate. Our experts will analyze and prepare your financing request favorably. Thus you significantly increase your chances of obtaining the desired financing.

Now that you are fully familiar with the crowdfunding financing solution, take the time to contact our specialists. They will accompany you in a neutral and confidential way in your steps.

Do you have questions before making your request? Our advisers are there to answer your questions 7 days a week directly on WhatsApp. Ask us for more information and we will be happy to answer you!

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