Why seek a private credit broker?

private credit broker

Do you want to obtain cash to make a project a reality? Or maybe you urgently need funds to solve a financial situation? Like many people, you therefore go on the internet and type “ Private loan“. And there, the result of your search displays a multitude of offers, each more attractive than the other. But how to sort and choose the right solution? Which duration to choose? What will the interest rate be? What will be the deadlines and terms of payment? In short, finding the best deal is no small feat! In this new article, we explain why it would be to your advantage to seek the services of an independent private credit broker to obtain your financing.

What is the job of a private credit broker?

In short, the private credit broker is the person who represents you with credit agencies. It ensures that your personal loan application takes place under the best conditions. In his role, he advises you on: the types of existing credit, the banking institutions to choose from and compares the most advantageous offers for you.

In addition, it ensures for you the realization of various tasks which are the following:

  • the credit broker prepares your application file according to the acceptance rules;
  • then checks the quality of your file and ensures that it will be retained;
  • once the checks have been carried out, he submits your request to the various organisations;
  • he then compares the financing proposals received and submits a summary to you;
  • if necessary, he negotiates the terms of the loan according to your criteria and your needs;
  • and finally, after signing the chosen offer, he ensures that payment takes place on time.

Throughout the process, the private credit broker will regularly update you on the status of your application.

The advantages of consulting a private credit broker

Fundraising is anything but a formality. The borrower therefore has every reason in the world to use a credit brokerage service. Indeed, consulting a broker has significant advantages:

Financing offers

The private credit broker offers you advantageous offers: starting with the best interest rate. Note that this is the first concern of all borrowers, because it depends on:

  • The monthly payment
  • The total cost of the loan
  • The repayment term

Having a low credit rate therefore means saving money, earning money in a way.

The neutrality of the private credit broker

Apart from offers, there is another major advantage to going through a broker: neutrality. Indeed, unlike a banker, this professional is not attached to any banking establishment. Therefore, it acts in your interest, helping you get the best rate and the best financing.

For this, the private credit broker uses competition to improve the following elements:

  • The amount of credit granted
  • The interest rate that will be granted
  • The longest possible deadlines

And finally, its effectiveness

You should consult a brokerage firm, as the broker is an expert in credit and loan redemption. In other words, he has all the knowledge necessary to guide you in taking out loans. Hiring a broker saves you time. Moreover, do not forget that it is he who will visit all the banks for you. He will also answer all your questions, even those related to indebtedness or at the taxation of your loan.

How to choose the right broker?

Loan companies are numerous on the Swiss market and this is also the case for private credit brokers. Choosing the right broker is therefore also a crucial element before making your request. To be sure to use the right service provider, here are our recommendations:

  1. Make sure you get good reviews about the company. A simple check of the google sheet should do the trick. If the comments are good, it's a first sign that you have to deal with a serious company.
  2. Check that the broker has a license to practice. In Switzerland, the practice of private credit broker requires a cantonal authorization. If necessary, ask your interlocutor for this.
  3. The small "pluses" of the brokerage business. In a competitive market, brokerage companies are redoubling their efforts to offer additional services to customers. At Lica, for example, we offer a cashback on our commissions in order to offer you more money.

As you will have understood, carrying out a brief comparison of the additional offers offered before choosing your private credit broker is an excellent way to ensure the best service!

Our conclusion on the private credit broker

Applying to a private credit broker is certainly the best solution to obtain financing on time and on advantageous terms. Although there are many providers, with the power of the Internet you can easily choose the best credit broker.

In this context, Lica strives to advise you in all neutrality and to carry out very high quality work. This does not prevent other service providers from also doing excellent work and can become an equally interesting alternative to collaborating with Lica.

Now that you are fully aware of the issues involved in choosing the right private credit broker, take the time to contact our specialists. They will accompany you in a neutral and confidential way in your steps.

Do you have questions before making your request? Our advisers are there to answer your questions 7 days a week directly on WhatsApp. Ask us for more information and we will be happy to answer you!

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