At Lica, you benefit from private credit with cashback!

private credit with cashback

Urgent expenses, major purchases, debt consolidation, etc., applying for private credit can be of great help to you for the unexpected. If you want to get a personal loan in Switzerland, look no further! Lica is your best option. A well-known financing institution in Switzerland, Lica not only offers you advantageous offers, but also offers various rewards and bonuses for its customers. Indeed, you can take advantage of a private credit with cashback at Lica.

Context: what is cashback?

The cashback is a cash remittance from the service provider. It is a kind of reward with which you get more money. It is mainly used by banks and credit organizations to encourage consumers to make their requests at home. Indeed, with the principle of cashback all parties are winners!

The cashback applied to credit institutions

In addition to e-commerce, the cashback system also applies to financial institutions. Certainly, for a consumer loan application, a lending institution may grant you a reward in addition to the amount borrowed. With this in mind, Lica is the best financing solution for obtaining private credit. In other words, you just have to apply for your 100% loan online at Lica to benefit from a cashback.

Sharing the commission for a private loan at Lica

In Switzerland, there are hundreds of banking institutions that offer different credit offers. Interest rates, monthly payments, fees, etc., vary according to each credit institution. In this regard, it is often difficult to apply for credit without the intervention of a specialized broker in the credits.

To encourage new customers to apply for credit, Lica offers to share its commissions in the form of cashback. It is above all a guarantee of good faith towards our customers. However, it is also a question of serving their interests and guaranteeing their expectations (terms of repayment, cost of taking out a loan, administration fees, duration of the loan, deadlines, etc.).

By sharing its commissions, Lica operates in complete neutrality. Thus, we establish healthy relationships with our clients for whom only the results count. Moreover, with the commission sharing, we ensure that the priority is given to the advice and not to the sale.

Less commission = less turnover?

Well no ! After more than 4 years of practice, we can affirm that the concept is a winner for all parties. Indeed, with the help of a financially attractive proposal for our clients, they approach us without resorting to aggressive marketing and therefore significant advertising expenditure. In addition, we practice a strict optimization of our expenses. For example, Lica favorably encourages the teleworking of its employees, digitizes its processes as much as possible and develops effective IT solutions for the management of its customers.

Lica is a 2.0 company of the future and focuses on its digitalization.

New generation companies are all turning to leaner processes and full digitization of activities. Moreover, the turning point linked to this digitization requires advanced computer skills and a broad knowledge of the management of a company. To adapt to this radical change, Lica invests a large part of its resources in the development of unique IT supports and in the training of its employees.

Receive up to CHF 5,000.- from cashback in addition to your private credit

Lica is a credit company that offers the best service for its customers. Thus, you benefit from advantageous offers, options of facilities and the best conditions of the market in Switzerland. Take out a 100% loan online at Lica will not only allow you to quickly receive the best conditions, but also to benefit from a cashback of up to CHF 5,000 directly into your bank account.

To have a private loan and a cashback, Lica offers you a quick, simple and efficient subscription. Complete the personal loan application form directly online. It will only take you a few seconds. For information, Lica has the best acceptance rate credit in Switzerland. After the evaluation of your request, you get a response within 24 hours. The amount borrowed will be paid directly into your account. After 30 days, you receive a cashback equivalent to 50 % of our commissions for each loan contract made 100% online.

The conditions for obtaining your cashback

Nothing's easier ! To benefit from your cashback, your request must be made 100% online at the following link. Complete the information requested and load you with the list of documents requested at the end. If needed, our operators are available 7/7 to answer your questions during the application process.

The advantages of cashback for a private loan at Lica

The cashback is a win-win solution. For the lending institution, commission sharing guarantees a more attractive, more advantageous and more transparent service. This is a major argument for promoting our credit offers. For the borrower, the cashback is an opportunity to save money on his application for personal loans. Moreover, it is a significant sum to be received in addition to his credit.

Our conclusion on the principle of cashback

It's simple, fair and financially interesting for everyone! As you will have understood, as a customer, taking advantage of the services of Lica guarantees you more neutrality. But also better advice and more money!

Apart from the advantages, you also benefit from a broad expertise in the field of financing. Whether it is a private loan, a mortgage financing or of finance a business, Lica offers you personal support and defends your interests with financial institutions.

Now that you are fully aware of the advantages of applying for a loan at Lica, take the time to contact our specialists. They will accompany you in a neutral and confidential way in your steps.

Do you have questions before making your request? Our advisers are there to answer your questions 7 days a week directly on WhatsApp. Ask us for more information and we will be happy to answer you!

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Cergiogomes Gomes
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Patricia DeMichele
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