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Today, the risk of indebtedness in Switzerland continues to increase. The vagaries of life, the health crisis, overconsumption or even an accident are among the many factors that can lead to debt. This is where Lica comes in! With our debt service we help individuals who need assistance getting out of debt. Are you having debt problems? Contact Lica and take advantage of its debt reduction services!

A tailor-made solution for a debt reduction service adapted to your needs

Lica is above all a company specializing in granting of funding. However, with the help of a broad expertise on the subject of solvency, Lica quickly knew how to offer a cutting-edge service on debt consolidation. Indeed, we are made up of an expert team responsible for providing you with effective advice on debt reduction. Lica is therefore one of the key players on the market in terms of debt relief services. The company is now recognized by many collection companies, financial organizations and creditors. Many of our clients have regained a stable financial situation thanks to our help.

Our debt relief service is based on several steps, which are as follows:
  1. establishment of a complete analysis of your debts and your financial situation ;
  2. negotiations and arrangements with financial institutions that claim money from you;
  3. consolidation of your debts into a single monthly payment. The latter will be in accordance with your budget ;
  4. regular follow-up until all of your debts are settled.

Debt Service

This process therefore involves a minimal burden on the part of the debtor. You thus entrust all the work to Lica and on your side you only have to pay your monthly payment regularly.

You clean your data with the debt service!

In Switzerland, everyone is listed according to their payment history. It happens that, following reminders or defaults of payments, a person is noted as being a bad payer. This mention usually appears in many databases. If someone's grades are bad, their projects can get stuck.

With Lica and its debt relief service, it's not just your debts that you pay off! We also take the time to review the various notations in the records about you. Thus we put in parallel with the debt reduction service a strategy of cleaning your data.

The reasons why people run into debt in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, late payments or arrears are among the most frequent reasons for indebtedness. Unpaid taxes and late payment of insurance premiums are among the most common facts. Payment defaults also affect loan repayments, mortgage interest, rent, water and electricity bills, gas bills, alimony, etc.

Families are the most affected by indebtedness than households without children. Unfortunately, a single-parent family experiences at least one late payment every 3 months on their current bills. Then, it often happens that loans from family members, friends and consumer credit organizations also fall behind in repayments.

In addition to payment arrears, vehicle leases most often put families in debt. In Switzerland, almost half of the population lives with at least one short or long term debt.

A poorly established monthly budget is the cause of debt in 80% of cases!

Lica helps you establish a coherent budget according to your situation.

The monthly budget is in many cases the best solution to solve debt problems. Once you know the amount available each month for your expenses, you are able to make the right decisions so that you no longer go into debt with bad expenses.

Why choose Lica to improve your financial situation?

Across the country, registers allow all organizations to verify an individual's creditworthiness. The credit rating or scoring is a very important element. Indeed, banks, car dealers, management ... can have access to it. When an individual wishes to borrow money, rent real estate or contract a lease with an organization, the latter can consult the registers. The information mentioned therein can influence the decision of these institutions. A bad grade can therefore become very penalizing for an individual.

It is in this type of situation that intervenes Lica. With our debt relief service, we have extensive experience in the area of solvency. The Lica team knows all the cogs to optimize your notes and make them conform to your situation. Thus, customers will be able to benefit from annotations representing exactly their current situation.

By seeking help from Lica, in addition to getting out of debt, you benefit from:

  • With great discretion: your personal information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.
  • Significant time savings: we take care of all the paperwork.
  • Your financial data is cleaned after your debts have been settled
  • And if you have projects, then Lica gets you the funding you need.

A trusted team totally at your service

Debt Service

Our agents are experts in the field of finance. Our experienced team dedicated to debt relief will guarantee your legitimacy with your various creditors.With us, you will benefit from:

  • Of a understanding interlocutor : we are aware that no one is immune to debt. The financial and health crises have disrupted the lives of many people. Our team is very sensitive to your situation. With Lica, you will not be alone in your debt situation.
  • Of a attentive listening : Lica puts the human being at the center of its values. All our customers benefit from tailor-made support and attentive listening. We do everything we can to fully understand the situation of all our customers. This, in order to be able to provide effective advice. We know that every situation is different. That is why we aim to study each case well. We make sure to build trust and allay doubts.
  • Of a respectful team : with us, you will not receive any judgment regarding your situation. For each situation, we show respect. Our agents are able to find targeted solutions for you. The relationship of trust with our customers is one of our priorities. Everyone deserves to be respected, whatever their age, profession, situation ...
  • Of simplified procedures : administrative management is a very time-consuming task. With the vagaries of life and the many constraints, taking care of paperwork is not always easy. With Lica, you won't need to deal with administrative tasks. With our debt service, we take care of all the necessary procedures.

Do you want the data present in the various databases to be adapted to your situation? Do you need an efficient solution to get out of debt? Contact Lica now and its debt service.

It is always important to act as quickly as possible

It is indeed advisable to act quickly when you encounter concerns in your financial situation. Indeed, some cases can strongly impact your life. Usually, the majority of financial situations can be resolved in a very short period of time if we can intervene quickly with your creditors. If you wait too long, this can lead to complex cases, including seizure with the Prosecution Office. To avoid this situation, do not hesitate to contact a Lica advisor. You can email us or call us directly.

Our team will be happy to assist you in all stages of your debt reduction!

Our debt service in conclusion

Regardless of your level of indebtedness, Lica is above all there to listen to you and guide you free of charge on effective solutions. So don't waste time contacting us!

The faster we intervene, the faster you end up with debt!

We therefore believe that it is always preferable to contact one of our operators to present your solution orally. Lica always favors a personalized approach your situation and take the time to guide you to the right solution.

If you are already in debt, you can also apply online without obligation to take advantage of our debt service. You just have to click on the following button:

Do you have questions before making your request? Our advisers are there to answer your questions 7 days a week directly on WhatsApp. Ask us for more information and we will be happy to answer you!

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