How to obtain a loan as a freelancer?

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You are independent and you need to finance a project? Be aware that in terms of financing solution, there are two possibilities for obtaining credit as a self-employed person! You can actually get a private credit or ask for a SME credit on behalf of your business. If the financial organizations easily lend money to salaried people, the banking establishments are however more careful with the self-employed. In this new article, Lica explains how to proceed and helps you obtain your financing.

Self-employment can scare away lenders

It is known, independent borrowers have more difficulty obtaining credit than well-established employees. Indeed, to be able to make a personal loan with an organization, you must convince the lender of your solvency. You must therefore prove that you are able to pay the amount of the monthly payments according to the fixed deadlines. For this, the lender will establish what is called a review of creditworthiness.

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The problem is that determining the repayment capacity of a freelancer is not always a cakewalk. In fact, a person's borrowing capacity is related to the monthly income he receives. When a self-employed person borrows money from the bank, he unfortunately does not always have the various supporting documents such as salary slips.

His financial situation is indeed often conditioned by the missions he obtains. As a result, debt capacity fluctuates constantly. This therefore explains the main difficulty in obtaining credit as a self-employed person. Financial organizations are unfortunately wary of fluctuating financial situations.

The solution to obtain credit as a freelancer

Rest assured, despite the difficulty of the task, a self-employed person can obtain credit. This is precisely where the assistance of a credit broker will make sense! As you will have understood, obtaining your credit will depend mainly on the solvency examination carried out by the lenders. It is therefore useless to submit an application file to a bank if it is not flawless.

A credit application as a self-employed person must be irreproachable!

Lica prepares your request for free

Preparing your application file then becomes a task that requires some time. In addition, it is preferable to know the good practices to constitute the good parts and to submit them favorably to the various organizations.

Lica assists you in this process free of charge and prepares the best credit application file for you. But that's not all ! In addition to preparation, as an independent broker, we take care to play the competition to obtain you the best conditions of the market.

It should also be noted that a specialized credit broker can also guide you on the right type of financing. It is not always easy to compare the offers and to choose whether the credit as a self-employed person should be in the name of the company or in your name.

What documents to obtain credit as a self-employed person?

The documents required to obtain credit may change. This depends on your situation and whether it is as an individual or a company that the application will be filed. Here is a brief summary of the documents required to obtain credit as a freelancer.

List of documents required for financing in your name:

  • Last tax assessment decision
  • Mortgage contract or rental lease
  • health insurance policy
  • Bank statements for the last 3 months

Yes the loan will be made in the name of your companyHere are the necessary documents:

  • Complete balance sheet for the last year (at least 12 months)
  • Company bank statements for the last 3 months
  • Evidence of registration in the commercial register
  • Identity document or residence permit of the administrator

These are two non-exhaustive lists and the documents we will ask you for will depend mainly on your personal situation. It is not uncommon for a self-employed person to have several sources of income or even a secondary salaried activity. Each situation being unique, at Lica we treat your request individually and completely confidentially.

Our conclusion to obtain your financing as a freelancer

Despite certain constraints, a loan as a self-employed person is quite possible if you seek the right broker and your application file is perceived as favorable by the banks. Apart from certain specific criteria, the chances of success will therefore depend mainly on the quality of your file. Hence the importance of seeking a specialized intermediary who will be able to answer your questions and guide you towards the most appropriate solution.

A credit as a freelancer may be necessary in certain situations. Committing an error related to the submission of your application could therefore lead to a total blockage and reduce your chances of being granted in the future to nothing. This is due to negative registrations at the credit registry (ZEK) which unfortunately have a direct impact on the solvency analysis carried out by lending institutions. It is therefore crucial for you to send your first request to the right service provider and to avoid advertisements such as "quick loan without proof" which will have a negative impact on your chances of granting.

Now that you are fully aware of the issues involved in obtaining your credit at the best market conditions, take the time to contact our specialists. They will accompany you confidentially in your steps.

Do you have questions before making your request? Our advisers are there to answer your questions 7 days a week directly on WhatsApp. Ask us for more information and we will be happy to answer you!

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